Today, hundreds of online casinos exist, which means you can enjoy your favourite games from the comfort of your couch. However, not all countries have legalized this form of gambling. For this reason, you should do in-depth research about the casino sites allowed to be in operation in your country to avoid legal issues. Here are countries in which casino online is legal.

The European Countries

Europe contributes a significant percentage of revenue to the online gambling industry. This is because most countries in the continent have legalized online casinos. Consequently, the European online gambling market is expected to grow in a few years. The European Commission used to regulate internet betting and gambling in every country on the continent. But in 2017, it delegated the duty to national courts.

Therefore, every country has bodies that implement unique regulations on all online casino sites. Casino online operators are required to identify players before they can play with real money. Also, before withdrawing, players need to authorize their identity. Moreover, they are required to follow every activity closely to avoid crimes on their sites. Here are examples of European countries that have legalized casino online.

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia among others

The America Countries

Online gambling is popular in North, Central, and South America. In North America, the United States has the highest number of online gaming players as it legalized it years ago. The first states to legalize it were Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada. As the years have gone by, other states have followed suit. Remember, each state has its unique rules, thus it is vital to learn your state's regulations.

Canada is another North American county that accepts online casinos to operate. The government allows each province to regulate the sites independently. In Central America and the Caribbean, the countries that have legalized online casinos are Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras. Mexico also allows the operation of online casino sites. In South America, Columbia, Argentina, and Peru have legalized online gambling.

Australia and Zealand

Under the Interactive Gambling Act, playing most slot machines and online casino games was illegal in Australia. However, after a couple of reviews, online casinos have been licensed, which means you can play on such sites without breaking the law. On the other hand, New Zealand only allows online casinos regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Playing on offshore sites regulated by international bodies is illegal.

The Asian Countries

Asia has also legalized online casinos, but not as much as other continents. Some countries have legalized online gambling, whereas others have fully or partially forbidden it. Thus, whether you are a citizen or a tourist, you should confirm if your region allows you to access casino sites to avoid legal issues. Here is a list of Asian regions that have legalized casino online.

  • The Philippines
  • Kazakhstan
  • Japan
  • Macao, China
  • Sikkim and Goa states, India

Middle East Countries

Most countries in the Middle East region have banned online gambling. However, most governments allow players to use overseas casino websites that are licensed. Furthermore, each country has different rules. For instance, Lebanon allows foreign online casino operators to offer only sports and national lottery activities to its citizens. In Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, and Israel, all forms of online gambling are illegal.

The African Countries

Most African countries have legalized online gambling since the continent has many players who enjoy different online casino games. The top countries that allow casino online are South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Some countries only allow sports betting and national lottery activities. Hence, if you live in Africa or are a tourist, ensure that your country permits you to visit certain casino websites.